A Look at Leachate Treatment Facilities Services

Are you seeking leachate treatment facility services for the first time or looking for an ongoing relationship with a business that specializes in the unique leachate field? Whether you are a private property owner, government official, landfill manager, industrial plant operator or mining site manager — it is important to understand some basic concepts regarding leachate treatment services.

Do you need leachate services?
Leachate is any liquid that passes through matter, and in doing so, extracts solutes, suspended solids or other components of the material through which it has passed. Commonly, leachate is formed when precipitation is passed through a landfill, compost, or mining operation.

Throughout North America, municipalities and landfill owners are evaluating what to do with leachate produced by waste management facilities. As environmental standards become more stringent, direct discharge of leachate is becoming difficult to permit and difficult for waste treatment facilities to treat the raw leachate to standards.

In order to mitigate this, professional services can be retained to assess options, develop a plan, construct and operate any necessary treatment.

Protecting you from environmental hazards
Unfortunately, we cannot always quickly remove any excess water that accumulates on the property we own or manage. Leachate may not meet environmental standards for a variety of contaminants, temperature, or color. If direct discharge to a local water body isn’t permittable, and the waste water treatment plant will not accept the raw leachate, you may need to pump, haul or store it as hazardous waste. Constructing your own onsite treatment facility can also be a cost effective or necessary solution. A third-party can help you determine your best option, and even help design, build, operate or monitor the process.

Harvesting methane from leachate
Are you interested in exploring different options for what to do with the leachate that accumulates on your property? Instead of having it shipped off, it is possible to have it treated on-site with specialized tanks that collect methane. This methane is then sold as an energy product to local businesses. If this option is the right one for your particular situation, a third-party leachate service company with experience in methane harvesting may be needed to assist with the process.

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