At ET, safety is a core value that is embedded in every aspect of our design and construction projects.  ET’s corporate safety structure monitors safety compliance on all project sites and is strictly enforced. Safety is everyone’s responsibility starting with ET’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Risk Management and carried out through Regional Operations Managers, Project Executives, Project Managers, full-time onsite Project Superintendents, and ultimately down to all subcontractors.

Through the years, ET has completed more than 10 million construction hours of design-build and CM at Risk project delivery in a safe and effective manner. The primary goal of every project is for everyone on the jobsite to return home safely every night.  Our on-site Superintendents maintain OHSA-30, First Aid, CPR, HAZWOPR, and other safety certifications that go above and beyond industry requirements.

Our commitment to safety will always be a top priority for ourselves and for our clients.  As a proud member of ISNetworld, RAVS Plus participant, ET’s safety rating is verifiably better than the industry average. We invite all clients to initiate a connection with ET on this international safety qualification platform.

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ISN account number: 400-272082

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