CNG fueling facilities – How soon should my company switch to CNG?
image of fleet of trucks from above

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a fuel source with not only  virtually unlimited potential, but more widely spread use and usefulness.  CNG is methane under high pressure, thus it can be used to replace diesel and gasoline in all uses.   As of July 2015 there were 864 public CNG fueling facilities (excluding private fleet CNG fueling) in the United States with new CNG fueling stations being planned as well as the CNG fueling facilities recently opened in Monterey Park, California, Houston, Texas, and Marysville, Ohio.

Are you wondering if you should convert your fleet to CNG use?  The answer is Yes!  The bigger question is can I get government and private grants to help me with the cost of conversion?  In fact, the cost of using CNG to fuel your fleet offers considerable savings during the lifetime of your fleet since the cost of CNG has been 60% less than the cost of diesel fuel (the actual cost savings depends, of course, on the nature and number of your fleet vehicles, as well as the distance they travel). So, the decision is not whether to convert to CNG use, but rather how soon you should do so.

While many companies are enjoying the temporary relief of lower diesel fuel costs, the prices may start to rise again in the near future.  Beginning the process of putting CNG facilities in place for you fleet takes careful consideration and time.  Companies who prepare now will be in the optimal position to deploy their CNG fleets when diesel climbs to levels that make it financially strenuous for fleet owners once again.

In addition to the economic reasons for conversion, there are important business goodwill factors.  Perhaps being recognized as an environmental advocate suits your corporate culture in a positive manner that customers would appreciate over your competition that uses higher pollutant fuels.

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