Employee Spotlight, Bobby Osburn
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Bobby Osburn


Bobby Osburn,

East Region Operations Manager

Atlanta, GA




Tell me about your role.
I am based in the Atlanta, GA office and oversee operations for all East Region projects including Eastern Canada. My role includes contracts management, estimating, business development, safety oversight, and cost control.  I am in constant collaboration with my West Region and corporate associates.

What’s your favorite part about working at ET?
Working with such intelligent people that are considered the “best of class” in the industry and have established guidelines used by most major Fortune 100 fleet operators.

What has been your favorite job or project in your career?
Working in the international oil and gas industry and getting the opportunity to explore unique places in the world like Angola, Trinidad and Columbia.

What has been the most challenging project in your career?
Building a 7-story, 180-bed hospital addition over an occupied pharmacy and loading dock area for a large hospital. Staging and laydown was very limited; had to devise a lot of pre-fabrication of components off-site as well as the panelizing of entire brick skin sections.

What is most challenging about renovation projects?
The undiscovered components hiding below grade or within walls that cause changes or re-design. The majority of my career has been doing renovations within operating hospitals and dealing with all the many systems and life safety components, so I love solving the problems associated with any renovation.

Do you have any specialized education or skills that help you perform your job better?
As the PM, I built the first CNG bus fueling depot in Atlanta for the ’96 Olympics and learned a great deal about a budding industry; that and the skills learned dealing with the numerous healthcare gas/air systems makes me very comfortable and prepared to work in the alternative energy field.



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