Employee Spotlight, Brad Bower
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Brad Bower



Brad Bower,






Tell me about your current project.
I’m working on a CNG facility in Norton, MA. This project is a new single 150 HP compressor upgrade. We have added a new time-fill rail with 14 time-fill posts and 24 fuel positions. We poured 20 yards of concrete in the new compressor pad foundation and poured a smaller pad for the motor control center.

What’s your favorite part about working at ET or on your current project?
It’s the people who I answer to…they are very good to work with and very helpful.  Each job is a team effort.

What has been the most challenging project in your career?
TF Green Airport rental car fueling project. This involved fueling facilities built on a parking structure.

What is most challenging about renovation projects?
Renovation projects all are unique.  Sometimes the most challenging aspect is keeping existing equipment up and running while you bring new equipment online.

Do you have any specialized education or skills that help you perform your job better?
I’ve been in the fueling industry since 1986 which started out as mostly traditional wet fuel projects.  I got involved with CNG back in the 1990s in downtown LA for MTA CNG for city buses. I’ve taken additional training classes throughout the years to keep up to date on the most current technology and systems.


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