ET Celebrates Corporate Independence Day
red & white stars on blue background

Everyone knows that July 4th is a very special day in our country’s history.  What some people may not know is that June 25th is a special day in the history of ET Environmental…it’s ET’s Corporate Independence Day.  For those who aren’t familiar with how ET came to be, here’s a brief history lesson.

ET Environmental Corporation, LLC was incorporated in 1993 as a result of a strategic teaming agreement between EMCON Associates and Turner Construction Company.  EMCON was a leading environmental and solid waste engineering firm and Turner was a leading construction management firm.  The mission of ET Environmental was to provide design/build services to the environmental industry while giving clients the added benefit of single point accountability.

ET Environmental was jointly and equally owned by EMCON Associates and Turner Construction until 1999 when both parent companies were acquired by larger entities.  A management led buyout was accomplished to separate ET Environmental from the parent companies into its own employee-owned firm that carries on the design/build mission as originally intended.  ET has now become one of the most experienced builders of solid waste handling and processing facilities in the United States.

The relationship between ET Environmental and Turner Construction has remained strong.  Over the shared history of the two companies, ET and Turner have worked together on more than 500 individual projects including Soldier Field and the San Diego Convention Center.

ET Environmental is observing its Corporate Independence Day for 2016 on Friday, June 24.

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