Single Stream Recycling Gives New Meaning to Curbside Service

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are three very important words to live by, but sometimes separating one’s trash into recyclables and non-recyclables can be a long and tedious process. Single Stream Recycling takes the hassle out of recycling by saving time for those who want to recycle. When trash is collected for single stream recycling, all of it is taken at once, it does not need to be separated into different recycle containers. Whether there are papers, cardboard boxes, or aluminum cans in the trash, they are not handled separately until they are brought to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Once at the MRF, the collection and processing systems go through the materials and separate them for reuse.

There are many benefits of single stream recycling.
• More recyclables – Since the process skips a step for residents, they are more likely to set out recyclables on the curb. This can lead to more paper products being collected.
• Saving Money – Instead of using several collection/sorter trucks, single compartment trucks are

cheaper to operate. These vehicles can also be used over and over again, lessening a fleet’s truck inventory.
• Allows Change – Updates to collection and processing systems are more frequent and new materials are being added to the acceptable recyclables list.

Single Stream Recycling may only make one collection of recyclable materials, but it makes that one collection count.

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