Top 10 Cities with CNG Stations Open to the Public
Illustration of city vehicles and trusses


Compressed natural gas (CNG) gained momentum over the last decade as people and companies discover its cost savings and stability compared to other fuels. Everyone is looking to see how they can replace their fleets with CNG vehicles to reap the many benefits.

While it is true that most states have CNG gas stations, most of these stations are for private fleet use only. Unless you have your own private CNG facility, you could potentially travel a significant distance between public CNG stations.

Still, public compressed natural gas stations are out there. Many of these stations are even open and accessible at all times. Others only have natural gas available at certain times or require a key card to use their facilities.

The key is knowing where these public stations are. Here is a list of the top ten cities with public CNG stations developed using data gathered from the U. S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator.

  1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will 13 stations
  2. Dallas, Texas with 13 stations
  3. Houston, Texas with 10 stations
  4. Salt Lake City, Utah with 9 stations
  5. New York City with 9 stations
  6. Los Angeles, California with 8 stations
  7. Denver, Colorado with 8 stations
  8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin with 7 stations
  9. Tulsa. Oklahoma with 6 stations
  10. San Francisco with 5 stations

In these ten cities, public compressed natural gas stations can easily be located within minutes.  If you are considering CNG for your vehicles, it is important to determine whether you will use public CNG fueling stations or build your own facilities.   Contact us if you need assistance determining which fueling solution is right for you.

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