Why Compressed Natural Gas is Known as “Green Fuel”

The popularity of compressed natural gas increases every day as people become more aware of its benefits. Environmentalists are especially impressed with CNG and what it offers as an alternative to regular fuel. It is sometimes known as “green fuel.” Green, referring to things that are environmentally friendly and/or sustainable.  Below we will look at some of the reasons CNG has received the green label.


Fewer Byproducts  

Typical fuel is heavily loaded with chemicals, and when used it releases damaging byproducts into the air. CNG does not contain things like formaldehyde and benzene, found in standard diesel fuel. Therefore, using CNG reduces the release of harmful emissions. This dramatically reduces air pollution, making the environment safer for everyone. There is also the issue of global warming. Many people believe that harmful emissions in the atmosphere, such as those released from traditional fuel, increase global warming and lead to climate change.


Less Waste  

Compressed natural gas is non-corrosive and therefore, engines that run on CNG have been found to require less maintenance and ultimately last longer. Fewer broken parts means less waste in landfills. Furthermore, because CNG lacks many of the unsafe chemicals, discarded engine parts are less harmful when and if they do reach the landfill.  CNG is lead-free. Lead, as most people are aware, is quite dangerous for the environment and something to be avoided in our landfills to improve the quality of landfill leachate.



CNG is a cost-effective alternative to regular fuel. It is domestically sourced and abundant in supply. The more people and businesses that start and continue using CNG for their vehicles, the better it is for the environment and all around.


Compressed natural gas is an excellent alternative to conventional fuel. It is known as a “green fuel” because of its inherent benefits to the environment. It is better for the atmosphere, landfills, soil, and it is affordable. CNG is sweeping the nation, especially in regard to commercial transportation. As more people become aware of the benefits of CNG, it will continue to gain favor and become more and more mainstream. It is a great fuel solution and will no doubt be around for many years to come.


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