Summary Description:

Responsible for full on-site project execution of required work in a safe and economical manner in accordance with the design requirements, on schedule, and within budget

Reports To:

Managers of Industrial/Energy/Environmental/Operations

Direct Reports:

No direct reports

Physical Demands:

Sign/Complete Physical Demand List


Major Areas of Responsibility:

    • Coordinate with PM and vendors/suppliers to assure timely delivery of all required materials/services to complete said work task
    • Responsible for taking care of company truck/trailer are maintained and in good working condition
    • Responsible for maintaining and caring for company owned tools/material stock on hand
    • Provide guidance, direction, and coordination of all on-site subcontract work
    • Develop, implement, and assure compliance with the project schedule; 3-week look-a-head prepared weekly
    • Assure development, implementation, and compliance with project specific HASP program, including emergency evacuation plan
    • Assure compliance with Company HASP program and accident reporting
    • Assure Subcontractor compliance with all project safety requirements, including weekly safety meetings and reports
    • Assure Subcontractor compliance with all subcontract requirements, including design requirements; staff drug and alcohol policies; sexual harassment policy; hazard communication policy; EEO policy; etc.
    • Assure compliance with all Company standards, systems, and practices
    • Produce Daily Construction Reports (DCR’s), per ET standards with supporting photos to record daily progress and events
    • Produce weekly subcontractor coordination meeting minutes and monthly project progress reports
    • Interface with Owner’s on‐site representative
    • Present and conduct oneself in a professional, respectful manner in dealing with all parties, including: the Client; subcontractors, suppliers; professional service providers; government authorities, etc.
    • Interface with local authorities for all permit inspections and approvals
    • Coordinate all quality control inspections and oversight
    • Assure timely submittal of all reports, including timesheets and expense reports
    • Assure project achieves schedule requirements and contract completion date
    • Assure project meets budget and earnings requirements

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