CNG Vehicle Fleets Mean More Revenue for Your Governments

Compressed Natural Gas. CNG.  You’ve heard of it and seen several of your neighboring towns and cities convert their fleets to it, but still, you’re unsure whether it’s right for you.

CNG is the wave of the future.  It’s environmentally clean, inexpensive and readily available.  It’s only a matter of building facilities that will accommodate it.

Here are some facts, that might tip the scales for your decision.

  1. The United States is the second largest provider of natural gas.  This means lower refueling costs to you, because it is produced and shipped within the U.S.
  2. Natural gas costs about 1/3 less than traditional, petroleum-based gasoline. On an energy equivalent basis, it is also about 42 percent less expensive than traditional diesel.
  3. Questions about an odorless, colorless gas being safe to use in public transportation are dispelled by the fact that CNG is lighter than air, meaning it will not pool, like gasoline does, in a spill.  Also, it won’t sink and stay close to the ground, like propane does.  It lifts into the air and dissipates in the atmosphere, making it one of the safest fuels around.
  4. CNG has a higher ignition temperature, meaning it’s harder to ignite.
  5. Typically, CNG storage units, are stronger than previously seen, both in vehicles and facilities.
  6. Everyone knows that CNG is a cleaner, more environmentally safe fuel.  It is estimated that CNG produces about 20 to 30 percent less CO2 emissions and emits no ash or particles making your air and everyone’s around you cleaner.

With so many advantages to this fuel alternative, can you really afford NOT to build a fueling station for your fleets or a few for public use as well?  With just over 1,000 public use fuel stations in the United States, adding a few to your area could bring in additional revenues, simply because you have stations that cater to a widening market of CNG vehicles.

But by starting with your city vehicles, your public transportation, your street cleaners, your police, fire and ambulatory fleets, you’ll be spending less on fuel, helping the environment, which saves you money in the long run and making a public example of responsible stewardship of your community’s funds.

ET Environmental has extensive experience with facilities for CNG vehicle fleets.  From feasibility assessments, to vehicle conversions, to CNG facility design or upgrading existing fuel facilities,  ET Environmental knows how to save you money while assuring quality, safe and functional equipment.

We look forward to answering any questions you have.  Click to  contact us today.

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