Why You Need CNG Facility Experts

There are many reasons to switch your business fleet, whether light- or heavy-duty, to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fuel, including saving money and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  However, starting the change can seem like a daunting process.  There is a long list of things to do and decisions to be made.

The Fleet

This may be the first decision you make – will we convert our existing fleet to run on CNG fuel, will we acquire new CNG vehicles, or possibly use a mixed strategy?  CNG experts will help explain the costs and resource uses of your various options. In any of the cases above, you will need fueling and maintenance facilities to ensure proper functioning of your CNG fleet.

Fueling Station

Again, the decision here is to retrofit current stations and buildings or to start fresh.  CNG facility experts have the knowledge and expertise to guide your business.  Our experts know the available options and can tailor solutions to the needs of your business.  You will save time and money when you hire an expert to guide these decisions. Instead of you having to interpret codes and policies, our experts know them.

CNG Maint Facility Sample - ET

Sample Maintenance Facility


It is likely that most existing maintenance infrastructure can be converted to a code-compliant facility.  An expert on CNG facilities can inform you about how extensive a retrofit would be based upon existing conditions.  Again, you will save time and money with experts who knows the policies and laws to follow because they work with them every day. Hiring a team of experts will ensure your fleet continues giving value to your company.


Imagine your excitement when your first gas bill shows up at half price.  Then, imagine sending your first vehicle for maintenance and realizing you don’t have the proper tools. Or imagine you get a call about a job or delivery, but you have to turn the offer down because your CNG vehicle can’t make it to the site and back without refueling. Other logistical issues can come up as well, costing you the money you’ve saved in fuel, and that is why experts are out there to help you succeed.

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